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**********  SKID CONTROL TRAINING  **********


Training drivers to be proactive is what we believe in and is the key to reducing tragic outcomes. PDS is proud to be the only driver training facility in Southwest Ohio to offer skid avoidance and control training. Half hour training sessions are held on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings.

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COST:   $75.00

Available Training Dates/Times


4/18/14  Friday 530-6pm

4/18/14  Friday 6-630pm

4/18/14  Friday 630-7pm

4/18/14  Friday 730-8pm








4/19/14  Saturday 930-10am

4/19/14  Saturday 10-1030am

4/19/14  Saturday 1030-11am

4/19/14  Saturday 12-1230pm

4/19/14  Saturday 1230-1pm

4/19/14  Saturday 130-2pm

4/19/14  Saturday 2-230pm





5/9/14  Friday 430-5pm

5/9/14  Friday 530-6pm

5/9/14  Friday 630-7pm









5/17/14  Saturday 930-10am

5/17/14  Saturday 1030-11am

5/17/14  Saturday 11-1130am

5/17/14  Saturday 1130am-12pm

5/17/14  Saturday 12-1230pm

5/17/14  Saturday 1230-1pm

5/17/14  Saturday 1-130pm

5/17/14  Saturday 130-2pm

5/17/14  Saturday 2-230pm


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