Professional Driving Systems, LLC

Quality Training by Police Professionals


THANK YOU for your interest in PDS DRIVING SCHOOL!


PDS Driving School was formed in 2004 with one mission:  To save lives by providing the highest quality of education and training for new teen drivers. 


Our training goes above and beyond the State of Ohio requirements.  All PDS “behind-the-wheel" instructors are current or retired Police Officers who have backgrounds as crash investigators, traffic specialists, and police trainers.  Our innovative classroom instructors use hands-on teaching techniques to engage students to retain information.  Everyone at PDS has a sincere commitment to minimizing the risk to today's new drivers through education and training that not only produces drivers who are better equipped, confident, and safer behind the wheel, but also makes a lasting impact on the seriousness of responsible driving.


Since 2004, we have expanded our programs to include adult, emergency vehicle, and corporate driver training.  Skid Control Training is new this year!  We also offer Ohio’s Basic Rider Course for motorcyclists, as well as advanced motorcycle training.  We bring the same commitment of quality to these programs as we have with our teen driver program.


Please explore ALL of our programs on our website or contact us at 937-439-4130!